Modification Custody/ Visitation

Modification Child Custody Visitation

Child Custody is one of the most highly contested issues in many divorce cases. Modification of an existing child custody or visitation order is possible in California. While modifications to existing court orders are generally granted when the parents’ or child’s circumstances have changed substantially, courts are reluctant to alter a child’s living arrangements without cause.

If a substantial change in the circumstances of the child or the other parent has occurred since the entry of the Parenting Plan, based on new facts that have arisen or that were unknown to the Court at the time of the prior decree or plan, and where a modification of custody is in the best interest of the child, the Court can modify the current order and enter a new Parenting Plan. A Parenting Plan addresses child custody and visitation issues. A court will, under certain circumstances, change the designated primary residential parent or custodian of the child. In California, either or both parents can petition the court for the modification of the Parenting Plan or custody.

Oftentimes if you have already been through a divorce, then you may have already been assigned your child custody rights during the dissolution. In some cases one of the spouses is denied custody and given limited visitation rights. If you have been denied custody, limited visitation, or if you have been given an unsatisfactory joint custody of your child then you still have options. Modification to your current custody order is a real option, which could result in you receiving more time and custody of your child.



If you are seeking to modify your current child custody arrangements then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a Family Law Attorney. Agape Law Firm focuses on family law matters; we fight for a fair and appropriate outcome that also safeguards the wellbeing of the child or children involved.

Seeking a modification may be difficult alone. It is important that you have sound legal assistance throughout this process in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Child custody disputes tend to be emotionally taxing and affect not only the parents, but the children involved as well.

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