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This web site is limited to solicitation of services to potential clients in the State of California. It should not be construed as an attempt to communicate and provide services to anyone who does not have a legal matter falling under the jurisdiction of the State of California.

No attorney-client relationship should be considered as established until this law firm and any potential client enter into a formal written agreement. Information obtained from this web site by the public should not be considered legal advice, and there is no guarantee that any information obtained from this web site shall apply to any particular case. Anyone involved in a legal matter should consult an attorney licensed to practice in the state where the legal matter arises, on an individual basis, so that the particular facts of his or her case can be addressed specifically.

Agape Law Firm is comprised of a California licensed solo practicing attorney; the use of the word ‘Firm’ in the name “Agape Law Firm” is not intended to imply multiple attorneys. No information obtained from the public through this web site shall be retained for any purpose whatsoever or disseminated to anyone outside of Agape Law Firm for any purpose whatsoever.

legal disclaimer 

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