Domestic Violence

It is an unfortunate fact that many San Diego Area families and households struggle with domestic violence on a regular basis. In some cases, assault and abuse lead directly to divorce. In other situations, a pattern of domestic violence restraining orders, hearings, and anti-harassment orders becomes an unfortunate part of daily life.

When most people think of domestic violence, they associate it with the idea of a physically heated quarrel between a husband and wife or two people who have an intimate relationship. While spousal abuse is one type of abuse claim, domestic violence in the home could include physical, verbal, or psychological harm caused or threatened to be caused by cohabitants, children, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, or even grandparents.

Agape Law Firm represents victims of domestic violence, and people who have been accused unfairly of a wide range of domestic violence charges. Agape Law Firm can represent you at the hearing that will extend or vacate a temporary restraining order, and can investigate the charges against you to show that they were fabricated or grossly exaggerated. When you’re facing false allegations of domestic violence, a restraining order can be devastating. The consequences of having a restraining order placed on you can include a loss of custody of your child and an increase in child support obligations. Additionally, restraining orders stemming from domestic violence allegations create a blemish on your record.

Domestic violence affects thousands of women, men, and families throughout California. California domestic violence laws are very strict. If you find yourself in a domestic violence situation, you should contact an attorney immediately. If your family suffers from domestic violence, get the legal and practical advice you need from an experienced lawyer at Agape Law Firm. Agape Law Firm advises victims about their legal and practical options for keeping themselves and their children safe from the perpetrators of domestic violence through the courts, and through community services.


Whether you need representation as a victim or representation as a person falsely charged with a crime, we employ, as necessary, the services of a skilled private investigator to supplement our investigation and to assist in fully discovering all material facts relevant to the legal matter involved. Doing so is often in a client’s best interests.

We advise both the victims and the alleged perpetrators of domestic violence (when the facts reasonably indicate that they have been falsely charged). For people with a history of domestic violence who are interested in making a healthy change in their lives for the sake of themselves and their children, Agape Law Firm can help you take the first step. It is important that you keep yourself, and your children safe

At Agape Law Firm, San Diego family law attorney Sarah Redparth will represent you. If you need an experienced, compassionate, yet aggressive Family Law Attorney to help you with your personal Domestic Violence needs, Contact us today or call us today at (619)546-6556.