Dissolution of Marriage [Divorce]

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Dissolution of marriage, “Divorce” in other states, legally terminates a marriage and establishes agreements and orders. Dissolution proceedings allow former spouses to move forward with their lives separately, and at times, a Divorce can provide freedom from an intolerable situation. You are eligible to file for a Divorce in San Diego County if you have been a resident in California for at least six months, and if you have resided in San Diego County for at least three months.

Obtaining a Divorce presents a number of legal issues—the division of assets and debt, child custody, and terms of support, to name a few—which must be resolved in order for you to finalize the Divorce and move forward with your life. Individuals going through a Divorce on must establish child custody arrangements, child and spousal support orders, value and divide assets and liabilities, and resolve other complicated issues.

In California, either spouse can seek a Divorce when irreconcilable differences have caused the breakdown of a marriage.  Six months after a Divorce proceeding is initiated, a couple’s marital status can be terminated, allowing each party to become legally single.  Other aspects of the Divorce may take more time to resolve, depending on the complexity of the issues presented.

Dissolving a marriage can be a very difficult transition, it is important to know your rights and protect yourself.  At Agape Law Firm, you will find an understanding and compassionate environment where you can talk about your issues frankly. Agape Law Firm provides caring, yet realistic, advice regarding your rights, your options, and the likely outcomes of each choice. Whether you are amicably or contentiously seeking a Divorce with your spouse, we are prepared to fight for what is important to you.


We understand that you have many choices in selecting a Divorce Attorney. Agape Law Firm exclusively provides legal assistance for family law matters, primarily Divorce-related matters. When navigating throughout the dissolution of marriage proceeding, it is important to have an experienced attorney who focuses exclusively on family law matters.

We provide support throughout your Divorce. Whether you are seeking a Divorce, annulment or separation, Agape Law Firm can help. We give clients the information they need to make informed choices about all aspects of their Divorce. Dissolving a marriage is a difficult and emotionally taxing experience, you need sound, understanding advice and experienced representation. We have the skill and experience that it takes to successfully represent clients, and to help them achieve their goals during their dissolution of marriage

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