Child Support

Child Support

Child support is payable until a child reaches 18 years of age, or a special circumstance exists that would require a longer support term. If parents cannot agree on financial support for the child, the court will make a support determination based on a number of factors. Child Support is a vital part of protecting your child’s future. It is important that parents bear equal financial responsibility for the basic upbringing of a child.

Ultimately, the amount of your child support award is established using a formula found in California’s Support Guidelines. In determining the award, the court will take into consideration each parent’s respective income and other factors such as:

  • The parenting time schedule of the parties
  • Health insurance costs;
  • Child support obligations for prior born children
  • Childcare expenses.
  • Any special needs your child may have
  • Necessary travel expenses for either child or parent for visitation

A prior child support order is not unchangeable. Agape Law Firm understands that child support needs can change over the years; the health of the child, the employment and income of the parent, the age of the child and other factors can affect child support. If you are in a position where your current child support order should be changed, whether more or less, you should contact a family law attorney. At Agape Law Firm we are here to help.

An award of child support provides for any or all of the following: monetary support, health insurance coverage, arrearages, and may include interest on delinquent child support obligations. Properly determining the amount of income of each party, and the amount of time that each parent has physical custody, visitation or parenting time is essential for child support determinations. If you have a child support issue or involved in a case brought by the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) we are experienced, and here to help.


Whether you are getting a divorce or have already divorced, establishing a child support order may be a difficult situation alone. These problems can be very emotional for the parties involved. Oftentimes when money is involved parties do not agree on what should be done. At Agape Law Firm we work to protect your legal rights as well as the legal rights of the children involved. Do not hesitate to get your child the financial support that he/she needs.

At Agape Law Firm, San Diego Family Law Attorney Sarah Redparth will represent you. If you need an experienced, compassionate, and aggressive Family Law Attorney to help you with your Child Support needs, Contact us today or call us today at (619)546-6556.