When seeking an annulment in the state of California, it is important to understand that California law only allows for an annulment under very specific and limited circumstances. Simply lacking pleasure and satisfaction in a marriage is not sufficient to warrant an annulment.

An annulment of marriage is a specific legal action. It is based upon certain grounds that will legally render the marriage void. An Annulment may be pursued if a person is forced into marriage by fraud, if either person involved did not have the mental capacity to decide to be married. Additionally, a party may seek an annulment if they were less than 18 at the time of marriage, if the marriage involved incest or bigamy, if one of the parties was unable to consummate the marriage or for other reasons set out by California law.

If you believe that you should have your marriage annulled, you need to contact a San Diego Family Law attorney to assist you with this legal problem. Annulments are conducted in a hearing in front of a judge, and it is oftentimes best to be assisted by an attorney.

The circumstances that warrant an annulment are limited and therefore, a divorce or legal separation may be a necessary alternative in many cases. If you are seeking an annulment for religious reasons, a legal separation may be an alternative if you are not eligible for an annulment. In a legal separation proceeding, you can seek child custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support and the division of marital property and debts.


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If you are thinking about an annulment and want to know more about your rights, you should contact an attorney. At Agape Law Firm we can advise you whether or not an annulment is an option in your case and if it is not, we can advise you in a legal separation or divorce.

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